Our Story

Founded in 2005, Success IT Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd (SICS) is the home-grown ERP software developers with more than 20 years’ experience providing quality products in more than 10 different industries.

With more than 15 years of in depth domain knowledge and working with the customers through implementation, we have accumulate vast experience in industrial best practice, transform workflow, tedious computation work  and automate them into a product that is well tested and quick time to implement. We have also present crucial data into  easy digestible information  for analysis and action to be taken.  The end results is that customers can benefit from a well-tested, proven system with best practices embedded to save time and effort and seamless experience throughout.

The system developed by Success IT has also established its reputation in selected industrial sectors, where we enable our customers to achieve and retain market leadership through streamline operation flow, increase productivity, maximize profitability, and improve customer service and operational excellence.

Beside software developments, the company also provides network and infrastructure installation, network security services, cloud storage and work from home solution.

We help companies to build up your in-house technology innovation capabilities. We help companies to apply for suitable government assistance scheme or funding for projects involving technology to develop or improve your products, processes or business models.

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Certificate Number: 21070002