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Pioneering Digital Transformation for Singapore SMEs Since 2005

Get ready to embark on a journey of technological wonders with us at Success IT. We’re not your run-of-the-mill software enthusiasts – we’re trailblazers, pushing the boundaries of innovation and rewriting the rules of the digital landscape in Singapore.

Success IT

Our Story:

From Humble Beginnings

Picture this: 2005, Singapore – a city pulsating with entrepreneurial fervor. That’s where our tale begins, as our founders, Annie and Karen, set out on a mission to help small businesses in Singapore enhance their operations with digitalization.

Since then, we have gone on to help over 500 customers in Singapore transform their business with cutting-edge technology solutions. We’re not just here to deliver software; we’re here to unleash your untapped potential. Our creations are meticulously catered to the complex needs of the Insurance and Auto industries, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency and outshine the competition.

In 2021, our founders passed on the legacy to a new management team led by Jensen Loke, who brought new energy, ideas and deep experience having worked at several industry titans including Ant Financial, Temasek, Amazon and DBS. Jensen’s vision is to help our customers accelerate their business growth by simplifying workflows and enhancing productivity.

Our Values

Customer Obsession:

Where Your Dreams Take Center Stage.

At Success IT, one of our principles is that we’re not content with providing a mere product; we strive to become an indispensable partner on your journey by being customer obsessed. Your dreams and aspirations take center stage as we listen intently to your unique challenges. Our solutions are tailored to your every need, sculpted to perfection with your vision in mind. 

Innovation at the Core:

Redefining Possibilities with Innovation.

We don’t settle for the status quo; we shatter it. Our insatiable hunger for progress drives us to predict industry trends and pioneer the future. Over the years, we have transformed from a legacy on-prem software to a cloud-based solution that offers greater accessibility, scalability, and security to meet the requirements of your business operations.

Building Legacies with Trust:

Partnerships That Stand the Test of Time

Beyond software, we forge relationships built on integrity, trust and mutual success. We’re not content with fleeting encounters; we want to be your steadfast ally on the path to greatness. With integrity as our guiding star, we’re here for you every step of the way, ensuring your triumph becomes an everlasting legacy.

Accreditations and Certification

Since 2021, we have officially received certification from Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) as an InsurTech provider.

We are also certified by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) as an approved vendor for accounting software.

Our Team

Our team is an assembly of the brightest minds and the most audacious visionaries. We’re not afraid to embrace the unknown, to venture into uncharted territories, and to discover what lies beyond the horizon. With a masterful blend of experience and expertise, we wield the power of cutting-edge technology, crafting wonders that defy expectations and revolutionize industries.

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