Introducing Integrated PayNow QR In Our Invoices!

Having trouble keeping track of your customers’ payments? Are their bank transfers unlabeled and difficult to process? With our new PayNow QR Code implementation, reconciliations have never been easier.

Currently, many business owners face the same issue: Having difficulty tracking payments from their customers.

When customers pay your company through a static PayNow QR Code or bank transfer, the transaction often ends up being unlabeled in the payment reference field, causing you to spend many hours poring through your past transactions and spending excessive time doing reconciliations. While our software already can embed static PayNow QR Codes on your debit notes or invoices, the onus of keying in the invoice reference number still rests on the customer during payments.

To solve this problem, we have updated our Success General Insurance Platform to generate dynamic PayNow QR codes. Compared to static QR codes with no transaction information, these dynamic QR codes are used only once, and allows customers to pay instantly with the premium amounts and the associated Debit Note number automatically filled in for them.

Thus customers can avoid paying the wrong amounts and business owners now have an easier time tracking payments. This would result in an easy improvement of productivity by at least 20% for SMEs in effort avoidance. We look forward to continuously improve our software platforms for our users and their customers!

To find out more, reach out to us here!

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