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Cloud-based Insurance Agency Software

Since 2005, Success IT has been the trusted choice of insurance agencies in Singapore. To date, we have successfully helped more than 50 insurance intermediaries simplify and digitize their workflows.

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Trusted by Leading Insurance Agencies

Singapore’s Most Trusted Insurance Software Solution for Agencies

We count many insurance agencies as our customers for a simple reason – trust. Our customers trust us with their business because they know that being around for two decades stands for something in this ever-changing IT industry. 

Moreover, it also means we have accumulated years of in-depth knowledge and industry expertise to help you transform your business seamlessly with our battle-tested solutions.

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How Can We Help?

Whether you are trying to manage your customers’ info or policy details, administer policy creation or renewal, generate quotations, track commissions, manage claims or prepare financial reports, our best-in-class Insurance Agency Management System can help you save time and money!

Customer and Sales Lead Management with CRM for Insurance

  • Our insurance agency system provides a single source of truth for all your customer and policy information.
  • You can effortlessly master the art of and accessing vital customer information, details, and communication history.
  • Never miss a beat with our tools that keep ahead of policy renewal dates, enabling you dazzle clients with exceptional service.

Policies Administration

  • With a single click, you’ll enter a world of policy mastery, where creation, renewal, endorsements, and cancellations are smoothly orchestrated.
  • Say goodbye to the days of manual policy management and unleash the true potential of your brokerage or agency with our policy management system’s magical touch.

Claims Management

  • Seamlessly capture incident details, upload supporting documentation, track claim status and payments in one centralized system.
  • With the benefit of real-time tracking, you enhance claims processing efficiency and provide timely updates and exceptional to your customers.

Commissions Management

  • Absolute accuracy in commission tracking! Our software puts an end to errors, ensuring every cent is accurately accounted for.
  • Gain a crystal-clear view of your financial performance with our dazzling commission reports, providing valuable insights to fuel your financial success.

Quotations Management and Proposals Generation

  • Why wait when you can accelerate? Enjoy ultra-fast quote generation, surpassing client expectations and boosting your agency’s reputation.
  • Farewell to inaccuracies! Trust our quotation management module for precise quotes every time, giving your clients the reliability they deserve.

Accounting and Financial Management

  • Precision is our promise! Experience flawless invoicing and financial tracking, ensuring every dollar is meticulously accounted for.
  • Manage invoicing, commissions, receivables, payables, GST calculation and bank reconciliation all in one system.
  • Transform financial data into your secret weapon! With comprehensive reporting, take informed decisions and drive your agency’s success.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Replace guesswork with solid data! Our robust reporting transforms raw numbers into meaningful intelligence, steering your strategic decisions.
  • Our Insurance agency software provides over 100+ pre-populated report templates that track policies, premiums and claims information (on top of generic financial KPIs).

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