Car Rental  Module

For Car Leasing/ rental company for short term, long term contract

     ✓  Generate Rental Contract, Return notes, Replacement Notes
     ✓  Maintain Vehicle Inventory
     ✓  Check Car Booking Schedule
     ✓  Auto Generate Monthly Invoice for long term car rental
     ✓  Track payment received
     ✓  Able to select one time invoice or long term recurring monthly invoice
     ✓  Check status of each rental car
     ✓  Tracking movement of vehicle for traffic offences
     ✓  Maintain Customer and vehicle profile
     ✓  Track total expenses of rental car to date to see the profitability of the   vehicle
     ✓  Monitor expiry date of road tax, insurance , COE and vehicle inspection date.

Success New/ Used Cars Module

Success Car Auto is fully customised for Singapore Car Importer / Distributor /Dealers, taking into consideration requirements to handle COE, PARF, amount due to LTA for COE balance, auto GST Computation for Used car etc.

Unique Features

     ✓  COE/ OMV/PARF maintenance
     ✓  Vehicle particular maintenance
     ✓  Other cost computation like ARF, Custom duty etc
     ✓  Vehicle status (such as display, test drive, available, reserved) enquiry by model/ brand /colour
     ✓  Vehicle stock enquiry with multiple warehouse
     ✓  Vehicle Sales Agreement generation
     ✓  Option to enter financing detail, type of registration and COE bidding date
     ✓  Vehicle allocation by colour/ brand /model and chasis no.
     ✓  COE/ PARF paper rebates 
     ✓  Salesman/ Broker Commission
     ✓  Car  Sales Inquiry/ Car income receipt / Car sales receipt
     ✓  Car Sales Analysis / Car Purchase Analysis / Car Stock Report
     ✓  Profit Analysis by vehicle
     ✓  COE / road tax/ inspection / ROC expiry Reports

Success Hire Purchase

Success Hire Purchase is an enterprise business application software specifically designed and developed for Car Hire Purchase industries.

Unique Features

     ✓  Hire Purchase Agreement Processing
     ✓  Option for flat rate or effective rate interest computation
     ✓  Overdue Interest calculation
     ✓  Rebate for early settlements calculation based on rule 78
     ✓  Account status enquiry
     ✓  Payment advice, reminder notice, 2nd schedule, fourth schedule, authority to repossess and 5th schedule generation
     ✓  Earned and unearned interest revenue report
     ✓  Block finance processing

 Success Floor stock


 Unique Features

     ✓  Floor Stock Dealer Maintenance with account posting to G/L setting
     ✓  Flexible floor stock interest rate setting for dealer by period / by month / by day with different rate etc
     ✓  Auto compute subfloor interest by month based on setting for dealer
     ✓  Auto compute top up amount based on Top Up % setting
     ✓  Control Floor stock approved limit for dealer and minimum financial day
     ✓  Auto generate subfloor interest by batch by dealer
     ✓  Auto generate subfloor fees (such as acceptance fee, LTA charges) by batch
     ✓  Compute early full settlement fee for Floor stock
     ✓  Auto compute Floor Stock extension with Top Up % and interest      
     ✓  Bank Agreement processing
     ✓  Contract and disbursement letters

Success Auto Spare Parts

Success With over 100 automotive customers installations in Singapore and overseas, Success Automotive is a leading enterprise business application software specifically designed and developed for Automotives industries.

Unique Features

     ✓  Inventory module specially catered for Spare Parts industries
     ✓  Maintain Supersede Part No.
     ✓  Search by Model, Brand, Category, Country of origin etc
     ✓  Quick Search for Part no., alternate Part no. for counter staff
     ✓  Auto Display Replacement part no. , QOH and Location
     ✓  Quick search for customer sales history and last selling price
     ✓  Track historical, partial or undelivered sales orders and invoices
     ✓  Track last selling price, Sales history, purchase history, cost price
     ✓  Auto Generate Price Enquiry to different suppliers for Price Comparison
     ✓  Convert Sales Order to Purchase Orders
     ✓  Track Historical Purchase Prices in multi-currencies
     ✓  Option to compute Freight/ Insurance etc to landed cost 

Success Workshop Module

Specially design with Motor workshop performing services/ maintenance with warehouse inventory

     ✓  Auto convert vehicle and customers detail to workshop from sales
     ✓  Flat Rate Time Maintenance with different pricing fro internal, warranty and customer billing
     ✓  Different services packages for 5000km, 10,000 km and 20,000 km etc
     ✓  Job card generation with details of customer complain and parts to be drawn                         
     ✓  Able to select whether each services provided are to be billed to customer, internal or under warranty.
     ✓  Confirmation by supervisor before converting job card to invoices
     ✓  Generate different invoices bases on charges to customers, internal or warranty
     ✓  Full integration with Car Spare Parts module
     ✓  Productivity analysis reports by mechanic
     ✓  Next Services Due date reminder


     Success Motor Accident Claim Module

Specifically design for third party workshop and /or Authorized workshop

     ✓  Claim diary to document full cycle and process of claim and accident reporting details
     ✓  Letter & Mail Merge Processing
     ✓  Print Letter of Authority / Letter to  Request for 3rd Party assessor/ Letter for  warranty to Act
     ✓  Able to attach Photos of Vehicle and claim documents in accident claim module
     ✓  Claim Diary  to enter Follow up information and status
     ✓  Print Excess Invoice
     ✓  Print Estimate Repair Cost
     ✓  Convert Estimate to Draft Final Repair Cost
     ✓  Group items into Nett, Special Nett, List  and Labour
     ✓  Print Invoice in Lump Sum/ Part by Part  to Insurance Co. , Third Party Insurance Company and Third Party
     ✓  Auto Generate Debit Note for Loss of Use/ Survey Fee/ LTA Search Fee and Car rental Cost and Lawyer Fee
     ✓  Convert Final Repair Cost to Claim Invoice when case is settled
     ✓  Integrate with MERIMEN and Autodex