Success ERP System

Unique Features

Inventory Management

     ✓  Multiple warehouse location with bin location
     ✓  Multiple Unit of Measurement (UOM) with auto conversion. For example, from pieces to carton
     ✓  Multiple pricing levels per inventory item such as wholesale, retail, contract prices etc
     ✓  Promotional pricing based on pre-defined start and end date
     ✓  Multiple levels of product classification 
     ✓  Calculate selling price based on margin or % mark up from cost price
     ✓  Mass update selling prices when cost changes
     ✓  Maintain product price list based on individual customers or use different pricing levels
     ✓  Special pricing for orders exceeding pre-set no. of quantity
     ✓  Option to set up FOC item for sales promotion (eg. Buy 3 items of product A get 1 item of Product B free)
     ✓  Cross Reference Lookups By Supplier Product no.
     ✓  Alternate product item for replacement when main items are out of stock
     ✓  Bill of Materials processing with unlimited inventory kitting and auto computation of costs
     ✓  Fixed Asset Management
     ✓  Full integration with barcode software to generate barcode for inventory items


Sales Order Processing

     ✓  Quotation, Sales Order, Deliver Order, Packing List, Performa Invoices, Export Invoices and Tax Invoices with option to export to Excel and text file
     ✓  Quotation and PO can be sent in PDF* format via email or fax out directly from PC.
     ✓  Unlimited delivery address and contact details per customer
     ✓  Track historical, partial or undelivered orders and invoices
     ✓  Copy function for recurring orders
     ✓  Automatic invoice creation from Sales Order or Delivery Orders
     ✓  Auto display quantity on hand, historical selling prices and purchase history per item in sales order screen
     ✓  Credit control managements based on credit limits and /or credit terms.
     ✓  Quick and easy inquiry module for all historical sales, purchase order details based on product items and customers names
     ✓  Use pre-defined selling prices base on individual customers or default from last selling prices
     ✓  Freight and total weight calculations
     ✓  Option to include other charges such as bank charges, insurance, freight charges
     ✓  Able to edit DO and Invoices without changing the original doc no.
     ✓  Auto Batch Processing from Sales Order to Invoices
     ✓  Triangle process for Inter-companies transactions with automatic allocations from PO to invoices


Purchase Order & Receiving

     ✓  Process blanket order for efficient recurring purchasing
     ✓  Create Purchase Orders from multiple Sales Orders
     ✓  Track outstanding shipments and deliveries
     ✓  Real time update Goods receive quantity to quantity on hand in inventory control
     ✓  Maintain supplier price list with mass update features
     ✓  Default purchase price base on supplier price list or select from last selling for the supplier.
     ✓  Provide landed cost features for computation of all costs associated with receiving of goods such as freight, insurance and other fees to uplift individual item cost.
     ✓  Auto display historical purchase prices for all suppliers for  the selected product items
     ✓  Option to combine multiple purchase orders to single goods receive notes
     ✓  Supplier Prices analysis for comparison of pricing from different suppliers for the same product items.
     ✓  Auto compute Gains or Loss associate with foreign currency exchange



     ✓  Ability to auto-apply any given payment to oldest invoice for a customer or supplier in Account Receivable and Account Payable module
     ✓  General ledger, Journal Voucher
     ✓  Fixed Asset Management, Cash Book
     ✓  Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
     ✓  Bank Reconciliation report in foreign and base currency
     ✓  Auto generate Tax report for GST submission
     ✓  IRAS Registered accounting module


 Reporting Capabilities

     ✓  All Reports can be exported to different formats including Excel, pdf, Text and many others
     ✓  Produce monthly, quarterly and date-range financial statements.
     ✓  Standard forms such as quotation, D/O, Invoices, P.O. etc can be formatted with different layouts with options to include or exclude logo, letter Head, part no. . descriptions, line no. etc.
     ✓  More than 100 reports for power drill down and analysis


Success Payroll System


 Success Payroll Version 3.0 is one of the IRAS AIS registered software

Unique Features

     ✓  Employee Maintenance
     ✓  Salary based on Monthly Rate, Daily Rate and Piece Rate
     ✓  Overtime computation
     ✓  Allowance computation
     ✓  CPF and Skill Development Fund
     ✓  Foreign Worker Levy
     ✓  CDAC, MBF, etc
     ✓  IR8A Form
     ✓  Annual Leave, Pay Leave and Unpaid Leave computation
     ✓  E-submission for CPF using FTP
     ✓  Integration with door access system
     ✓  Integration with attendance management system
     ✓  Integrate with Success ERP System